Gem Story

Found in only one place on earth, this lush blue-violet gem was discovered in 1967 by a Masai Tribesman near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its electric blue-purple colors are considered to have high vibrational energies and stimulate artistic creativity, literary talent, and a sense of humor. It is a thousand times rarer than diamonds.

Tanzanite is primarily blue in color, which can range from lighter lilac to deeper blue sapphire colors. It can also be found in shades of purple, yellow, and brown.

As a member of the zoisite family, tanzanite is not only known for its striking blue/violet but also because it is uniquely trichroic. This means that in its rough form, it radiates three different colors, from each of its crystallographic axes: blue, violet and red.

Tanzanite is believed to stimulate intuition and perception and to hold attributes of good luck and prosperity.  It is known to help with connections to angelic realms, spirit guides and higher consciousness. It helps one look beyond limitations and boundaries to truly answer the call of your heart. It is considered a spiritual stone.

Tanzanite is the birthstone for December.