Jewelry Care

Here are some jewelry tips to help maintain the stunning appeal of your fine jewelry:

1. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place
It's best to keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case or wrap it in tissue paper before placing it in a drawer.
This will prevent scratching and tangling.

2. Avoid Damaging Chemicals
Hairspray, lotion and pertume can damage gemstones and cause precious metals to discolor.

3. Use Mild cleaners for regular cleanings
One of the best jewelry cleaning methods involves warm water, mild dish soap and a soft brush. Be careful of ultrasonic cleaners, they can damage organic gemstones like pearls and gems impacted by heat such as moonstones, tanzanite, turquoise, opal and topaz. Polki diamonds do not like water, which can damage the setting.

4. When in doubt, take it off.
The swimming pool is not an ideal place for your jewelry. Neither is the gym. When doing household chores or preparing a meal, it is a good idea to store your jewelry in a safe place.