Gem Story

Rubellite is a red tourmaline with a stunningly intense color similar to ruby. And they share a common Latin root: ruber or rubellus meaning either reddish brown or reddish violet. It is well known for maintaining its color under different lighting.

Discovered in the late 1600’s by Dutch traders off the West Coast of Italy, tourmalines are found in an unmatched array of color sand are known as the ‘Gemstone of the rainbow.” According to Egyptian legend, resulted from passing through a rainbow during its ancient journey upwards from the center of the Earth.

According to lore, Rubellite can heal the heart physically if you have a heart ailment, emotionally if you are broken-hearted, and spiritually, by promoting loving awareness of life and an open heart. It is also known to bring prosperity and abundance, impart calm and dispel negative energy.  It is considered the ultimate heart chakra stone,

Rubellite tourmaline is the birthstone of October.